Spotlight on Charcoal

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The wonder ingredient is meant to supercharge your cleanser, dial up the detox power of smoothies and increase the stain removing capabilities of your toothpaste.  Really? Rosie Green investigates.

Charcoal as a new beauty hero appears to be taking the beauty industry (and bathroom cabinets) by storm! Can the dirty, black stuff of barbecues and burnt toast really be the brilliant new skin saviour and toxin purger?  Well yes and no.

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In your cleanser?  Yes. Skin experts universally agree charcoal is a great skin beautifier. Especially for breakout prone types.  Its excellent oil and bacteria absorbing properties mean pores get de-clogged, shine is reduced and blemish-causing bacteria is rinsed away.

In your mask?  Yes. The longer charcoal sits on the skin’s surface the more impurities it absorbs.  So if your skin gets congested then this ingredient is one to look out for.

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In your smoothie? Hmm.  The jury is out on charcoal’s power to internally cleanse and some nutritionists even question if the body needs such help.sketched toothbrush and toothpaste


In your toothpaste?  Hmm. Charcoal is meant to absorb stains on teeth, but most evidence appears to point to traditional whitening formulas doing a better job.




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Try our NEW Charcoal cleansers: Warming Detox Charcoal Wash, £9, and 5 Minute Thermal Detox Mask, £10.








Purifying Charcoal Bubble Sheet Mask £5

Not only is this sheet mask super fun to use (warning: may cause uncontrollable laughing due to your face looking like a fluffy white cloud!) but it really works too, dislodging skin clogging dirt, pollution & excess oils to purify and refresh your skin. After one week of use, 85% of women reported that their skin felt clearer and fresher with less visible pores*.


Detoxifying Charcoal Shower Burst £7

With so much talk of the benefit charcoal provides to your face, why not detox your body with our Foaming Charcoal Shower Burst. The deeply cleansing duo of charcoal & menthol transforms from a black gel into white, fluffy foam, enveloping your body in a cloud of cleansing lather. Skin is left feeling super clean, refreshed & purified of daily grime.



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