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Mini Body Moisture Spray

RRP £2.50

Size: 50ml

Drench your body in our ultra-light moisture mist. This skin nourishing blend of jojoba, sweet almond oil & vitamin E sinks into skin to leave it feeling replenished, super soft & with a healthy looking sheen.

How to Use

Generously spritz & then smooth onto skin for instant hydration & a healthy sheen.

Warning: Avoid contact with eyes. If the product gets into eyes, rinse well with warm water immediately.


Ingredients: Para num Liquidum (Mineral Oil), Isopropyl Palmitate, Cyclopentasiloxane, Parfum (Fragrance), Tocopheryl Acetate, Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis (Sweet Almond) Oil, Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil, Tocopherol, Hexyl Cinnamal, Linalool, Limonene, Benzyl Salicylate, Benzyl Benzoate, Coumarin, Citral.



on 03/05/2016

Really smells like SPA, so great. Feels amazing on your skin, not sticky like other regular body oils.

So great


on 21/02/2016

I am Canadian but picked up this product whilst living in England. It is GREAT. The scent succeeds in being whole and fragrant without smelling like chemicals. The product evokes warmth and comfort, and its soft oil texture has made a soothing and sensual part of my waking routine.

Unfortunately, my product is running low and I am a bit irked to find that I can't get this product outside the UK, but i thought I would leave a glowing review anyway.

So Smooth!!!


on 27/11/2015

My Number One body delight, I have been using this product for years, ever since I asked my daughter if she knew of an 'oil spray'. Easily absorbed it leaves ones skin soft and smooth, just difficult to find at my local Boots.

Fantastic product - pity about price!!


on 05/06/2015

I have a big fan of the body moisturising spray and been using it for years now but find it way overpriced now especially since smaller bottle was introduced! I have just managed to buy it at Boots on the 3 for 2 offer. Feel at least that I have got my moneys worth doing it that way.



on 30/05/2014

I received this in a huge set along with 10 or more products! This is amazing, it smells beautiful and makes my skin feel so soft. I came on here to buy a large size thinking it would be at least £15. It's £5.50... That's all?! Why on earth are people moaning about the price of this product, whether it's bigger or smaller than before. I have splurged £105 on a body lotion before and haven't liked it as much as this... Love it!



on 03/02/2014

I am probably one of the few that is satisfied with the price.. I managed to get 100ml for £2.50.. Lasts a reasonable amount of time.. I certainly wouldn't pay more than £2.50 for this size bottle though.. And the smell seems to be getting milder in the oil moisture spray.. But overall pleased.. x



on 02/12/2013

Reduce the bottle size by 100 Ml - REDUCE the price too - doesnt take a genius to figure that one out! bring back the existing bigger bottle and charge us less for the CON of the year!



on 06/03/2013

It is very disappointing that you have stopped producing the larger bottle and have replaced it with a MUCH (100 ml!) smaller bottle at the same cost. I ordered this and was expecting to receive the larger bottle so feel I have been ripped off.



on 06/02/2013

Reduce the bottle size by 100 Ml - REDUCE the price too - doesnt take a genius to figure that one out! bring back the existing bigger bottle and charge us less for the CON of the year!

Ripped off again


on 20/09/2012

I love this product, but will simply have to stop buying it. I went to stock up on my usual Sanctuary buys only to find that this has gone up by £3.00 for the same amount in a different size bottle. Last time you changed the bottle and reduced the content but kept the same price. This time you have changed the bottle and increased the price but kept the content the same. Do you think we're stupid? Just because you change the bottle does not mean we won't notice the price has gone up so substantially. I adore Sanctuary products and use them on both face and body. I spend about £30 - £40 a month on them, but I am tired off being taken for as mug and will now have to buy another brand.

Goodbye My Friend


on 21/05/2012

I also have used this product for years| My friends and partner| past and present| have commented on my silky soft skin. I was lucky enough to buy the 250ml size from this website after the bottle changed in store. When my current supplies run out I will no longer have this amazing product in my life. this makes me very| very sad as it is amazing. But I have to watch the pennies and pounds so it's goodbye to an old friend. Please bring back the bigger size. I would rather pay a bit more for the bigger bottle. thanks to the other reviewers for alternative suggestions.

Another dissatisfied customer


on 29/04/2012

I would like to express my disapointment with Sanctuary for shrinking the size of this product inexplicably. I used to absolutely LOVE this spray and used it for years but when I discovered that the bottle was 100ml smaller all of the sudden and the same price I was outraged. I refused to buy it out of principle and I felt really ripped off. I can now recommend veeno oil based body lotion as an alternative. I can't see how this change would attract any more customers so the aim must be to short change existing loyal ones. I wish I didn't have to change my beloved body oil but I feel so angry about this change that I refuse to give santuary my money. Also has Sanctuary made any effort to respond to these complaints?

And another thing..


on 19/04/2012

"And now having just used my new shrunken bottle.. Where has the smell gone? Stayed in the old bottle? So we have lost half our bottle and half the sent too?

I have never been compelled to write a bad review before| and yet here I am writing two!!

So unhappy| I used this as the most perfect shave oil/body spray combo| don't take away my most cherished product :("

Sanctuary Body Moisture Spray


on 18/04/2012

I think this product is really good. I love the smell and it isn't greasy. I have been using it for years. I am| however| appalled and upset that the manufacturers of this product have drastically reduced the size by 100mls| but are still charging the same price! In what way is this beneficial to us customers who keep them in business by regularly purchasing their products and visiting their SPA? Also| the picture of the product is of a 250ml bottle. Can you at least put the correct picture alongside the extortionate price? I am fuming.....

The mystery of the incredible shrinking bottle!!


on 17/04/2012

"It seems I am not the first to notice this phenomenon! Just been in to buy a bottle of one of my favourite products... and was amazed to find that the bottle seems to have transformed into a travel size version overnight!! And yet its price tag has remained the same - incredible feat| how to upset loyal fans in one easy step... how to increase wasted packaging and environmental damage in the next easy step!!!!

Shame on you... grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr"



on 27/03/2012

Well| I just to add to the vast list of what used to be satisfied customers| I too used to be a great fan of this product and whatever Sanctuary say about 'rising costs' there is no excuse for such an extortionate hike. Couldn't believe my eyes when I went to buy my last bottle - it stayed on the shelf. Seriously Sanctuary| you're taking the ****



on 22/03/2012

I have bought this items for years| I was disappointed that it has been reduced in size was 250 now 150 but no reduction in the price| unfortunately this will be the last time I buy this item. It always makes my skin so soft. I am now looking for an alternative. I see no reason for reducing the size.

Alice in Wonderland?


on 21/03/2012

"I have been buying this product for years and after noticing in Boots (where I found it originally) a few months ago that it had shrunk - like Alice -by 100ml (same price)| I decided to purchase from Sanctuary direct the 250ml product.

Hooray| I thought! Short lived joy.

It is more than disappointing| in these tough economic times| that a company choose to rip off its loyal customers. So out of principle| I will be finding a new product. I don't do this lightly| because I love this product| but what choice do I have?"

Disappointed by the exorbitant price increase?


on 16/03/2012

"Like most of the contributors on this page I am extremely disappointed at Sanctuary's change of bottle size for this product. I too have used this moisture spray| every day| for many years - but not any longer.

How can Sanctuary think this 40% price increase is acceptable? I too will be looking for an alternative.

p.s. Sanctuary - please change your product photo to reflect the new smaller bottle size.


Half the size| same price


on 09/03/2012

"I have been using this product every day for years and am so disappointed that you have reduced the size of the bottle by so much| and for the same price also. This cannot be proportionate despite the rising costs you mention.

For this reason I will no longer buy this product or others in the range on principle.

There are other alternatives available on the market that may not be my first choice| but at least they provide a fair product for a fair price.




on 18/02/2012

I love this product but along with most others I will have to look for an alternative product as it is too expensive.

where has the perfume gone


on 11/02/2012

I started buying this product years ago becaause the perfume was so gorgeous| with the added benefit of the moisturiser. Now I find that not only have you reduced the size of the bottle( but not the price) The aroma seems to have disapeared. Must be in the missing half of the bottle!

After All These Years| Disappionted!


on 16/01/2012

I have been using this product for many years and have been extremely happy with it. However due to the size of the bottle reducing to almost half and the price not| I will definately but am sorry to say be looking for an alternative. Avon Skin So Soft Oil Spray 150ml for



on 03/12/2011

this product is amazing! i have keratosis pilaris on my face and arms and it works a treat. I have tried other moisture creams and sprays but i am alergic to a lot. Thankfully i am not alergic to this and it works a treat :)

Love the product!


on 26/11/2011

I bought this product while on a visit to UK| just lovedal aspects of it. The fragrance| the texture what it does for my skin and the delivery system. WISH I COULD FIND IT IN THE US

Please bring back the body milk spray!


on 25/11/2011

As other have said| why have you stopped the body milk spray| which was a brilliant product? Very disappointed to find it is no more.

Where is the body milk spray?


on 21/11/2011

Why oh why have you stopped the Body Milk spray. it was fantastic. Not so keen on paying the same price for a half sized bottle of an inferior product.. :( My friend and I are very annoyed and disappointed.



on 04/11/2011

I went to buy this fab product as i had run out only to discover the size of the bottle has been HALVED!!but the price is the same| i have used this product for years and raved about it to all my friends but alas no more| am looking for a alternative|GUTTED.

Pack Size Alteration


on 31/10/2011

"On behalf of the Sanctuary team we would like to apologise for the inconvenience this has caused you. The decision to reduce the size of the bottle but keep the price the same was made due to the rising cost of making this product. We made the decision to try and find a way to hold the same price| and the only way we could do this was to decrease the size. We do however understand your frustration with this and can assure you this has now been passed on to our product development team for review.


sanctuary body moisture spray


on 25/10/2011

"have loved using this product but extremely upset at the new size| and no reduction in price.

will now look for an alternative."

body moisture spray


on 19/10/2011

Extremely UPSET and DISAPPOINTED at the extreme extortion by Sanctuary having reduced the size of their spray and kept the price the same. If I send my receipts to the company will they reimburse me the difference.

Still good - but what's happened to the Body Milk Spray?


on 15/10/2011

Although I like and use this product| I much preferred the less greasy Body Milk Spray which I have been using for years. Bit dismayed to find it seems to have been discontinued. Also| smaller bottle| price hike - poor show Sanctuary.

Body Spray rip off


on 15/10/2011

Deeply distressed to be told by Boots that Sanctuary have decided to almost half the size of their body spray but keep the price the same. Lovely product but will boycott it on principle

Great product but why has the price almost doubled overnight?


on 01/10/2011

I've used this product daily for years. I love it but shocked to see 150mls now on sale in Boots for the same price as 250mls was previously. Gonna look for an alternative on principle. Poor marketing strategy Sanctuary..

What's Happening??


on 26/09/2011

Brilliant product. Hadn't been able to get it in Belfast for the past 6 weeks and was horrified to see that we are getting charged

Wonderful! But...


on 16/09/2011

I ADORE this spray. But.. I usually buy from Boots at about

Body Moisture Spray


on 13/09/2011

This is a fantastic product and have been using it for a while. When I ran out the other day I started using your body lotion which seems so greasy in comparison. Is this product not being made any more?

Wonder product


on 29/08/2011

I love this product and use it every day. Its so light but keeps your skin hydrated all day. I couldn't live without it!



on 01/05/2011

"after even a few uses i felt an amazing difference! great product!

so fun and energising as well as a slightly fragrenced moisturiser :)"

body moisture spray


on 13/08/2010

"I am a first time user having received this lovely product as a birthday gift. I find it easy to use| and so it will be part of a limited daily routine!!

Hope this product is available again soon.




on 27/05/2010


Body Moisture Spay


on 22/05/2010

Fabulous moisturising spray| have used it for years| it is absorbed easily| is non greasy and the only product I have found like this EXCEPT| the sanctuary moisture spray that was green in colur and had an absolutaly fabulous fragrance| oh I cant find it anywhere! - PLEASE BRING IT BACK.

Don't use as directed!


on 08/05/2010

A fabulous product leaving lovely soft skin| however I got on much better when I sprayed onto my hands and rubbed in myself- direct spray irritated my skin. After discovering this I have sprayed onto my hands every day and have been absolutely fine!!



on 05/11/2009

I have been using this product for some time now| it's fabulous your skin feels so soft and smooth no stickiness. Don't be without it!

My Daily *Essential*


on 23/10/2009

I have used item for years and years and would never use anything else! It's smooth and light and easily absorbed. Unlike other lotions and potions it isn't cold to the touch which is often uncomfortable after a nice hot shower! Would highly reccommend over and over| thank you! xx


on 26/08/2009

I love this product| I find it very convenient. A quick spray after a shower does a great job of keeping my skin soft and smelling great all day.


on 15/07/2009

Great product


on 08/08/2008

Due to poor health| I have very dry skin and I have tried so many different products - most of which were either too greasy or didn't moisturise my skin. I picked up a travel size of this body moisture spray expecting it to be another product that would end up in the bin but I was very pleasantly surprised. This product does not leave you feeling oily/greasy - it soaks in really well and it lasts for days. I would definitely recommend this product for anybody who has very dry skin. It also has a lovely delicate fragrance. I know I won't be without this product ever again.


on 03/05/2008

"Three cheers for your Sanctuary Body Moisture Spray. I have a small bottle from a travel set gift which I continually fill from my large one for holiday and travel use. It really is multi-purpose - a great moisturiser| an after-sun treatment| excellent for hands| nails and cuticles - oh| and for feet!

Thank you again - first class!"