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Luxury Signature Candle

RRP £10.00

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Now in beautiful new packaging, this utterly gorgeous scent is perfect for creating your own Sanctuary.

Fragrance stimulates one of the most powerful of all our senses – an aroma can uplift us, relax & delight us.

We have developed a unique, sophisticated fragrance with sparkling notes of citrus, bergamot & jasmine, followed by a sensuous combination of vanilla, patchouli & sandalwood.

How to Use

1. Remove packaging and labels before use
2.Place candle on a secure, heat resistant surface (avoid TVs, stereos and all plastic and wooden surfaces)
3. To minimise risk of smoking and flaring keep wick to a length of 5mm at all times

Never leave a burning candle unattended
Burn candle out of reach of children and pets
Do not burn candles on or near anything that can catch fire
Always leave 10cm between burning candles
Extinguish immedicately if the flame becomes enlarged or smoke excessively
Do not touch or move the candle when it is burning the candle holder may also become hot in use. Allow to cool.
Avoid burning for extended periods this may cause a build up of debris which will lead to wax spillage
Extinguish when 1cm of wax is left (to avoid flaring)
See back of pack for more details

You have changed this candle


on 11/10/2015

I have been a huge fan of this candle and have been buying them for years now. The last three I bought a couple of weeks ago are truly disappointing. Quite clearly you have changed the ingredients as before no wax was left in the jar, it obviously previously had superior essential oils. Now it appears less fragrant and wax has remained in all 3. Maybe it's time for me to find an alternative, I am very sad because I felt that I had found the perfect candle!



on 14/04/2014

My husband bought me this for Christmas {fab surprise} It smells divine and burns well. It has a good, lasting scent but it is not overpowering. Beautifully boxed too



on 18/01/2011

I received this candle as a gift and absolutely adore it. My house is smelling wonderful. Really good| strong aroma. The best fragranced candle I have eve had!