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Warming Cleansing Butter Balm

RRP £12.00

Size: 100g

Effective daily cleansing is the first step to beautiful & healthy looking skin. Infused with a fresh blend of essential oils & skin-loving natural ingredients, each product in our CLEANSE range is designed to effortlessly remove make-up, daily grime & impurities. Discover clean, revitalised skin that glows with health.

Nourishing butters & indulgent oils unite for the ultimate cleansing experience

Vitamin E, organic rosehip oil, argan oil, shea butter, cocoa butter, sweet almond oil & a wonderful blend of fragrant essential oils are blended into this warming buttery balm for a delightfully decadent cleansing experience. Melts away make-up & deeply cleanses to leave skin feeling perfectly clean & soft with a healthy glow.

How to Use
Massage the melting balm onto your skin to dissolve make-up & dislodge grime & see the buttery balm melt into a luxurious oil. Add a few drops of warm water & watch the balm turn to a nourishing milk. Rinse off & pat dry for super soft, clean skin.
Leaves skin feeling clean


on 03/03/2016

I had really hoped to love this product, and I do like it but not sure I would replace my regular cleanser for it.
The product smells strongly of the essential oils that are in it, which I didn't mind at all as it reminded me of the treatments and smells that surround you in a salon/spa environment. So to me that added to the luxurious touch.
The texture was ok, went onto skin nicely, had hoped for more of a rich lather when water was added.
I wouldn't say it "melts" away make up, I feel it removed make up as well as any regular cleanser would.
However my skin did feel very clean after every use. I didn't feel as though it left my skin dry or greasy, just very clear and clean.... Which was nice!

Love it!


on 29/02/2016

I wasn't sure what to expect from a balm as I haven't used one before but was looking forward to give it a try. I wasn't sure about the smell, but that's a personal thing, but it was great to use! You only need a small amount and it certainly took off all my makeup! I love the fact that you massage it in before adding any water as it makes the experience more like a facial. Once you add water it totally changes consistency and was really easy to rinse off.
I have noticed that my skin feels smoother and certainly looks less grey, so I'm very pleased with the results! I will continue to use it and, as it's a balm and not liquid, I'll be taking it on holiday too! A great product!

What a Treat!


on 26/02/2016

I have a long commute so the idea of starting with makeup remover, cleanser, more cleanser, soap, water then moisturizer etc is not appealing. When I read about this new cleanser I was sooo excited and it more than lives up to its promise! Rub a small amount between your hands, smooth it into your face over the make up then add a small amount of water, add more water and rinse off. That's it - nothing more to do except pat dry with a towel. Clean skin, beautifully moisturized! I've used it for a week now and absolutely love it!

Cleansing Joy Balm


on 19/02/2016

Normally when I use a cleanser I can't wait to wash it off especially as the water runs down my arms. However with this balm it was such a joy to use that I couldn't stop massaging it onto my face and there was no water dripping down my arms. It was like giving yourself a facial at home, my skin afterwards was so soft and not tight like it normally is after cleansing. The essential oils smell so divine in the balm and make cleansing an enjoyable experience. I noticed my skin was much brighter after using the balm and I will definitely be purchasing this again!

What a fabulous find


on 28/12/2015

I was in Boots doing some post shopping and had picked up several body care items from S.Spa to ensure that I didn't run out of my favourites! As I walked by the facial skincare I stopped to have a look as I'd not seen much of the new range/packaging products and was thrilled to spot a cleansing balm. Balms are my absolute favourite way to cleanse in the evenings and to remove my make-up. I'd previously used The Body Shops one but was pleased to find this new one with 10g more for a pound less so it went into my already very heavy basket. I used it of course that very first night and I have to say that it is absolutely gorgeous. Just enough greasiness to really get that make up off but not so much you feel like you're rubbing vaseline into your skin. It's light, it smells divine & you need the smallest amount and it removes everything like a dream. This will be a constant on my bathroom shelf from here on in! Lovely product thank you.